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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
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Sep 15 2009 - "Sirenito"
We discussed this short film in Spanish class today. This made me think of alluriel and skylites. Is this our future? LMAO.

Aug 16 2009 - YOU GUYS. ;o;

Are they showing this movie here? WE HAVE TO SEE IT.

(Never mind that I freaked the fuck out when I watched the 1945 movie and saw the painting. Yeah, seriously. I have no excuse.)
Yeah, just this scene.

Skwisgaar: Let me explains again, in prafectly clear English, I wants flies in on a dragons, okay? How many times I got to tells this peoples?
Roadie: I know, there isn't a dragon.
Skwisgaar: I know, that's what I'm telling you!
Roadie: But that's what I'm telling you!
Skwisgaar: So go get one! What are you doing here? Go, go get one now, go, go!
Roadie: They don't have them!
Skwisgaar: Are you telling me they are out of dragons?
Roadie: They never had dragons!
Skwisgaar: Who didn't?
Roadie: The world!
Skwisgaar: Get this guy out of here! Finds me a dragon!

Jul 21 2009 - attention alluriel
You're welcome. :p Or, thanks for the polvoron and lending me your pretty yoga mat. xD

I'll give it to you nalang on Monday, okay? Got any other requests? 8D
♫ i told it like it was

Yeah, I'm in love with this photo. I think he's my new favourite, so Trane's head will be back in the box for a while. XD; I'm really happy with his faceup, so I don't think I'm going to redo it anytime soon. I just need to find some nice green eyes for him and he's all set :D
Still needs transaction info.

List of Jrock stuff to sellCollapse )

Still not sure about selling my DBSG stuff, but I will if I have to =_=
May 23 2009 - :D
so metal.
Got a plurk now~ if I fail even at that, I don't know anymore.

Geez, I totally screwed up that link. I am still asleep, apparently.

What's your names, guys? :D
Feb 01 2009 - not good.
I think Supernatural may be taking over my life o_o

In other news, I really like that MD Owen head. I really wish I didn't though, because he's starting to look like a better Molo than Miho. x_x I really should be thinking more in terms of bodies than heads, or I may never have Trane and Molo together ever (because I seriously want to have them together >_>)
Jan 07 2009 - Rhymes with Kenya~
Maybe I should learn to keep up with journaling, it'd be such a waste if it dies like my last one =_=;

Anyway, I've got photos of my Jinwoo now :D His name is Senja. His background is a bit more on the fantasy side, but he's in the same story/universe as Lakan, Molo, etc. ^^ Maybe I'll post a separate entry for that. He's a former general, was postwar ruler and used to be the speaker for deities. He's pretty well known in my story so everyone makes references to him a lot :D Just seven pics, but they're huge!Collapse )

Ugh, I'm too lazy to go to class. It took me an hour to write this entry, wth.
Jan 03 2009 - A new thing.
So basically, Eyja gave me the event head that came with Shine-Kertes in exchange for some things so I've got a new boy :D This one's called Trane, and those who read the meme I did on my old LJ might recognise his name :D Trane's the guy Lakan hangs out with the most, apart from those pesky subversives and his co-gang leader/babysitter Datu. Trane enjoys playing the sax, chocolate croissants and breaking into Molo's apartment :D he's also a con artist and a gun for hire, out to kill someone important D: (I'll write about that another time.)

This is going to sound really strange, but having a blonde doll feels so weird. Haha! I guess I'm just used to having dark haired boys.

+2 more posted on DACollapse )

I also finally gave my Jinwoo a faceup and took photos yesterday but I haven't resized them and stuff yet. I'm so happy with the way he turned out, though. I have no idea who to put on the body anymore, since there are three of them sharing now >o<
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