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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
This is Datu's worst nightmare. 
Jun 04 2010
♫ on friday night we'll pay the price
Trane is tall(er), tan, muscular, and on his own body.

I'm pretty sure Molo is going to regret stealing his sunglasses now. (Or maybe he's going to have to steal Trane's sunglasses more often ;p)

Some things:
1. Iplehouse RS is amazing omg ;-; it's a really awesome light tan (as opposed to...you know, any other weirdo shade of tan) and I kind of want all my boys in this colour now :x
2. EID men are enormous. Seriously. Trane is officially the Jared Padalecki of my dolls. If I were to have Lakan stand beside Trane, I'm pretty sure it'd look something like this. (Yes, Jared Padalecki is actually my reference for tall people. Because.)
3. I think I'm going to end up with his muscles, because holy shit he is heavy. Restringing him was a real workout, and he's on a (supposedly less heavy) model body. I can imagine the extra challenge of the superhero body.
4. I'm still getting used to his size and resin colour, but I think I finally have the right Trane <3
Jun 04 2010 (UTC)
It is possible to be insanely jealous and insanely happy at the same time.

He looks wonderful, and LOL to the size comparison pic.
*pats Lakan*
I'm so excited to see his tan up-close. *spazz*

... Again, congratulations, I'm glad you found the perfect doll to house Trane.
Jun 04 2010 (UTC)
AAAAAAH!!! Congrats on getting him dearie! X3X3X3

So gwapo! Isa nang tunay na fafa is Trane! XDXDXD
Jun 05 2010 (UTC)
God I love him. I think you know that. ♥♥♥
Congratulations, Kyra. *u*


And Trane darling I am very much looking forward to our date. ;D
Jun 05 2010 (UTC)
Jun 09 2010 (UTC)
It doesn't hurt that he does look a bit like Jared Padalecki too.:p

I love Iplehouse's real skin. It's a gorgeous light, coffee wih cream color in person! From the photos in the site they just looked like any BJD normal skin tone looked like. I want my dolls to have that skin tone too.

Hot damn, Trane. ♥♥♥
(I'm so happy for you & Molo btw. And a little envious, lol. :p)

Edited at 2010-06-12 08:40 am (UTC)
Feb 27 2011 (UTC)
wow he is really HANDSOME!!!!! HUG YOU GUYS
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