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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
I seriously need a girl doll. 
Oct 08 2009
♫ i told it like it was

Or maybe, this is my mind telling me that I am not meant to have straight male characters/dolls. Sorry, Lakan! I guess you won't be needing that mega-hot EID Jessica to play the girl that barely knows you exist! Not when your best friend looks like this! :x

Just kidding. I have plans for you, Datu Alacrán.

This is Datu's third face-up. This was his first and this was his second, which lasted all of ten hours because his head was a different colour from the rest of his body. I am amazing like that.

(Or maybe it's the black headband. Senja has one too, and he looks like a chick. Oh well. At least you can see the rest of Datu's face now, though :) )
Oct 08 2009 (UTC)
Wow, Datu you're gorgeous! Nice expression
Oct 09 2009 (UTC)
Thanks~ :D
Oct 08 2009 (UTC)

...I want my own Jessica though ;_; /fail She's so hot. D8

You have plans for him? Why am I reading so deeply into this? XDDDD EXPLAIN TO ME BEFORE I ASSUME STUFF!
Oct 09 2009 (UTC)
You know it! Baka bumigay rin yang si Lakan 8D Ahahaha.

Seriously, Jessica smoking hot <33 She makes you want her! :O GO FOR IT!!

Well I'm still figuring out that story, but let's just say Datu will have more than one option available to him when it comes to ~love~ (mostly because I still can't decide at the moment, haha) :p
Oct 10 2009 (UTC)
Dang yo, Datu be hawt! ^o^
I can't wait to see what you got planned for him. Options huh? ... ^_~ How interesting.
I'm all for LakanxDatu! <3 Hahaha, then again, you're reading from another Yaoi supporter. X DDD~
Oct 11 2009 (UTC)
<33 *hugs!*

Datu x Lakan will only exist in AU, unfortunately. It's really not meant to be :p I'm going to try and make Datu's pairing(s) likeable, though! He's going to be a very busy guy XD I'm going to start writing those stories out, then maybe you guys can help me decide~ 8Db
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