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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
movie night 
Mar 31 2013
For manikamanila themes~


Every Friday, Lakan picks a film and everyone tries to be there to watch it. Sometimes they like the film so much that go around quoting lines until the following week. Other times, the film is so bad that it takes them days to get over (and stop mocking) it.

But they always watch it until the end, and they watch it together. So for approximately two and a half hours, there is peace in the house :)

Most of the time, anyway.


Thanks for reading :)
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)
omg i love this sooo much! =)) kyra, you should consider applying as a tv script writer for a comedy or something. you're hilarious.
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
seriously? haha. glad you like it Kass! thanks for reading :3
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