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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
Pre-Ber Minimeet 
Aug 30 2011
Awesome Saturday with manikamanila friends at Maitre Chocolatier!

darknessfatale's Eremiel

4evernblujeans' Aahil. Wasn't able to take one of Naya T_T

imahica's Prince

darknessfatale's Reiah

jaiant_panda's Patch, master of eggs :3

kuro_akira's Starr. Hi Starr. *U*

jaiant_panda's Kaden, card-carrying member of the fluffy wig squad.

noxxtis' Kitt

valerious_d's super cute Violet

ichigosayou's Artemis

battiegotriddim's Dice

delgadina's Shiori

I brought Zita, Zeno, Duckie and Kouta. Kouta was off with Patch most of the time :3 it was Zeno's first time out!


Zita and Diva! Love these girls <33

battiegotriddim's Quacky and kuro_akira's Quibble ^3^

The Meis, ribbonfiend's Ninon and battiegotriddim's Bian <3 it was their first meet too! ^u^

Dany and Drogo Eremiel and Zeno

Dokibuuuuun <33

ohai Latoya! <3

Starr and imahica's Maya

Playmaaaates :3 Duckie and delgadina's adorable Nola

Kitt and ricah_haruna's Naharu's new looks :p

Awp. Awp is awesome.

Another side of Awp!

See you all again soon! <3
Aug 30 2011 (UTC)
Awp's other side. LOL.
Haha, thanks for the pictures, stumpity. :3
I love em, and Zita is just. Uck. <333
Yea, I so am craving chocolate again, damn it.
Let's go back again soon. ^_^)/
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