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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
hola, Kouta! 
Jun 04 2011
♫ and your bird is green
As I mentioned before, Zita wasn't the only recent newcomer. Just before Christmas, Duckie got a new playmate :) He had also been faceless until recently, when he and Zita visited battiegotriddim.

This is Kouta. He's five. He likes noisy trucks, robots and sour candy, but not squeaky shoes, hospital smells and sweetened milk.

Kouta's absolute favourite thing to do is going on adventures. He liked getting lost in the jungle of their garden, where every colour in the world seemed to be. He liked sneaking into spaces between the furniture, where he always found small pieces of treasure. When he'd already explored his house and the garden up to the gate, he snuck into his father's study. The huge desk there was his favourite hiding place; it was where the sunlight came through the window at just the right angle that he didn't have to sit in complete darkness, and where he thought of more adventures he'd like to have.

Sometimes, he thought about what it was like to have someone to share adventures with. His father was the overprotective sort and he was born in a household that didn't really have much patience for children, so people around him never really seemed to understand him. He had Piggy, his dog, who patiently listened to his stories and sometimes came along with him, but it wasn't always easy trying to get a dog to cooperate.

When his father died, he came to live with Datu Alacrán, a family friend, and Datu's son Duckie. He doesn't really know why he has to live with them, only that he has to, and he's still getting used to having to talk much louder. He's slowly finding it easier to be around people when he's with Duckie though, so it isn't so bad :)

It was also his first time out last weekend with Zita and Duckie, after being here for almost six months ^^ Again, thanks to battiegotriddim for his faceup!! <33

Puro intro posts nalang ako dito ^^; Sorry, guys.
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
Ahhhhh I love him. *U* ♥ His hair's so osm srsly. XD He and Duckie need some cuteness-overload pictures together! X3 And you should post moar. 8D
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
I love him too XD I can't get enough of him. Ang sarap silang i-photostory ni Duckie. haha! I will try to get it done! *nod*

Thanks, Nix! x3 <33
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
Kouta Kouta!!! Why you so cute?!!! *melts*

Kyra...masama to...(_ _)...I'm liking Yo-SD sized dorries na...oh noes...
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
Anong masama? How can something so cute be masama?? LOL

Tara Arvie! Duckie and Kouta need more friends! :D get Dae a kuya or an ate!! 8D
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
Ooohh~ very cute ^_^ I want a tinie too~ <3
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
GOOOO!! tinies are fun!! XD
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
Kouoooottaaaa! Bisita ka naman samin! KyahhhH! :D
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
hala! tiny party na! hahaha 8D
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
Hello little cutie pieee~<333 Kouta and Duckie photostories pleaaase! ! ! haha~ Aww, I'm loving his face~ so srs, and he's only five!
Jun 06 2011 (UTC)
haha I love his pouty-ness! x3 thank you Lala! <3
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
He's adorable! ^_^
Jun 06 2011 (UTC)
Thank you :D! I'm glad you like him ^_^
Jun 04 2011 (UTC)
Always something about your photos I really love.
You take such beautiful shots, and so real. I love the first shot!!
Also, such crisp colors every time! Add THAT to your writing (which I always look forward to) - and I'm guaranteed hooked.

Thanks for fleshing him out, he's such a cute little guy. <3 I love the sour candies and sweetened milk. Such attention to details make him so alive!!!
Jun 05 2011 (UTC)
Very much agrees with this ^
Jun 06 2011 (UTC)
*wiggle wiggle* Thank you Anj! I try <3 It means a lot to me. I really have you to thank though, you did such a wonderful job on him ^_^
Jun 05 2011 (UTC)
fralalalala lalalalalah....tiniiiiies!!! so cute yet so deadly to the wallet
Jun 06 2011 (UTC)
sobra. gusto kong magka horde ng tinies @_@ GET ONE NAAAA. tiny party tayo!
Jun 10 2011 (UTC)
He's so cute~! )^o^( And I like the face-up and hair... totally in synced with his personality. :D
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