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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
Hey, Zita! 
Apr 03 2011
♫ take on every double dare
She just went to her first meet on Friday so I figured it was time to introduce her :)

Zita started out as an apprentice for tattoo artist Mako Mouro, a former member of Laguera (a local gang) and a family friend, before going off to the capital on her own to work at another studio. She recently returned to work at Mako's full time, mostly because she hated the long train rides she had to take to visit him and his family. Sometimes, she can't believe she even decided to leave.

She has an older twin brother named Zeno, a cage fighter trained by Mako's son Rolf. The twins live in apartments next door to each other, along with the families of the three Mouro sons who occupy the rest of the apartments one floor above Mako's studio. The Mouros treat her like a little sister, but she doesn't mind. She'd grown up with Zeno looking after her and she loves watching Mako's sons make guys squirm.

It's not that she knows how to defend herself; with Zeno and the Mouros constantly reminding her about the numerous ways to properly hurt people, it's not difficult to pick up a couple of things. She'd really much rather get her bruises from roller derby tournaments, though.

Some of the first few people she tattoos are members of the local gang, including Lakan Delaguera. She's always had an idea about the kind of people Mako used to associate with, and can't really imagine how Lakan could be one of them. He looks like the kind of guy she scares off on a regular basis.
She thinks he's kind of cute though, so she probably won't try to scare him off.

Some things Zita likes: dresses, The Distillers, word games.
Some things Zita does not like: small dogs, cheesecake, bonfires.
Sometimes she'd rather look tough than pretty, but it really depends on her mood.

In case it wasn't obvious, I absolutely adore her <3
Thank you battiegotriddim for helping me complete her <333 I really can't thank you enough.

She also arrived after another newcomer, who will have his own introduction soon ;)
Apr 03 2011 (UTC)
My god, Kyra. ;_; She's so awesome I can't even ♥♥♥
So pretty and so badass at the same time. *u*
battiegotriddim captured her so perfectly, didn't she. ;o;

Congratulations once again. X3 Ughhh she's so so so gorgeous. ♥o♥ And yay we both finally have our bewbs. ;w; Happiness!

I love you, Zita~! *0*
Apr 03 2011 (UTC)
ZITAAAAAA...Why do you look so gorgeous...<3333
Apr 03 2011 (UTC)
ZITAAA!!! Grabeh ang ganda mo!! XD

Apr 03 2011 (UTC)
Ang astig at ang ganda ganda nya talaga, Kyra...=o=
Apr 03 2011 (UTC)
ziiiiiiita!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!

Her back story and character sure is interesting wow
Apr 03 2011 (UTC)
Shiiiii. Zita, you are so gorgeous >___
Apr 04 2011 (UTC)
She's so hot. ;~;
Apr 08 2011 (UTC)
Heheheheh, I like her already~ x33
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