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let's take a life of crime.
he was a saint, but i wanted a sinner.
movie night 
Mar 31 2013
For manikamanila themes~


Every Friday, Lakan picks a film and everyone tries to be there to watch it. Sometimes they like the film so much that go around quoting lines until the following week. Other times, the film is so bad that it takes them days to get over (and stop mocking) it.

But they always watch it until the end, and they watch it together. So for approximately two and a half hours, there is peace in the house :)

Most of the time, anyway.


Thanks for reading :)
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)
omg i love this sooo much! =)) kyra, you should consider applying as a tv script writer for a comedy or something. you're hilarious.
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
seriously? haha. glad you like it Kass! thanks for reading :3
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)
I love these guys!

Cute friday nights! I love these guys!

(Also Trane fan FTW)
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
aww Trane will be so happy! he rarely has kakampi here XDD thanks Mina!
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)
HAAHH awwww I love Molo~
always enjoy reading photostories because it's nice to know other's character ;v;

thanks for sharing and great job on the posing and humor XD
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
haha yayyy glad you like it MKbb! thanks for reading <33
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)
Ang kukulit nila hahaha They're all so cute!
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
sobrang kulit. and sobrang labo XD thanks kachan!
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)

I love your dolls okey. I love your photostories and your wit. MASTERRRR. =)) *worships you*
Awwww movie night. 8} ♥ So happy you're keeping movie night. Movie night is awesome! and totally not lame. 8Db What movie did they watch this week? =))

...Dat, okey. He looks so good I can't even. ♥ A ♥ HNNNNGGGGHHHHH.
I still love you, Trane. You are special, don't you ever forget that.
This fangirl is pleased. 8} ♥ ♥ ♥

I love this, Kyra. OSM OKEY. ♥ 8DDDDb Super goojab. Yay, you finally joined Themes!!

... *kidnaps Zi* 8D
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
well you know naman my house is full of weirdos who I just follow around and who don't even invite me to movie night so idek what they watch (which is apparently Machete daw ata LOL)
sabi nila Dat and Trane, "yay! :D" and also "ay bakit siya din. 8("
sabi ni Zi, "okay! :DDD"
sabi ni Dat message delivered anong message ba yun coughcoughcough
hahaha thanks Nix :3 <33
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)
kjfhgfjlkh/brbdyingoflaughter. How many times have you killed me now, Kyra??

Don't worry, Trane. There's a lot of us who love you!!♥ But, you know, you're really asking for the bullying. Just ASKING for it, man.xDDD
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
XDDD sorry!! can't help it, they're just really labo =)) lol he totally is, but I honestly don't know if he realises it. ganun kasabaw!
Mar 31 2013 (UTC)
whoaaaa whoaaaaaa THIS IS AWESOME KYRAAA!!
ang galing galing mo mag photostory!! * Q * )b
Apr 03 2013 (UTC)
>u< thanks Demehhhh <33 glad you liked it!
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